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I'm @colinpmasters, a Northern Ireland based software developer with much experience of the world beyond these shores. I am inspired by the way of life in places like New York and San Francisco, where anything seems possible and ideas become reality. I used to think I was alone, or certainly in the minority and that those who craved that kind of life and ecosystem had long since deserted our shores. Sure, I had met others with the same ideas, often at small gatherings such as games meetups, python enthusiast groups and Coder Dojo Belfast but it wasn't until I read this blog that I finally realised that the movement was greater than I imagined. My thoughts laid bare on the page by a complete stranger. A single paragraph stood out;


"Wouldn’t it be great if you Googled Belfast and the first thing that came up was a map of digital companies and cool creative businesses, coffee shops with wifi, or coffee shops that open late that are great to work in?"


NI Digital Map is exactly that, it is the living resource which reflects the dynamic, innovative digital ecosystem that exists in Northern Ireland, the place where we can unite under a narrative of success and creativity. A resource which has been built for the developers, funders, innovators and leaders of the NI Digital Economy to showcase just how vibrant a place Northern Ireland can be. Use it to add your company, share your favourite hackerspace or use it in your next pitch to show just how digital Northern Ireland really is.

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